Improved Parking Position


Always know exactly where your vehicles are

In mobility positioning the parking position of the vehicles is a critical data point. Precise knowledge of the parking position is the prerequisite for customers as well as service personnel to easily find the vehicles. Furthermore, to enforce parking restrictions and service areas for vehicles, an accurate estimate of the parking position is necessary.

truemetrics Improved Parking Position fuses motion and position data from users’ phones with available motion and position data from vehicles’ IOT-devices. The result is super accurate parking position without extra hardware.

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Reduced Reservation Times

A more precise location of your sharing vehicles reduces the time users spend to find them. This does not only improve customer satisfaction, it also reduces the time, vehicles are blocked by reservations.

More Efficient Vehicle Service

A lot of your expenses go towards fleet maintenance: Swapping batteries, repositioning and replacing of vehicles. A more exact position of your vehicles allows your service team to significantly improve their efficiency by reducing the time spend for finding the vehicles.


Avoid Zone Violations

You want your vehicles to remain inside your service area, and you want them to be parked outside of no-parking-zones. Better vehicle location helps you drastically reduce false positives and false negatives for parking violations.


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