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3D activity tracking and performance analysis for adventure sports

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the science behind your true trajectory

How does it work?

Not to brag, but the tech behind the app comes from the aerospace. While you're enjoying the freshly groomed snow, the app fuses a bunch of data from the sensors of your smartphone to reconstruct a true 3D trajectory of your run. Along with the detailed analytics and maneuver detection this paves the way for the new era of motion tracking in adventure sports.
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Get a true record of your runs and enjoy the memories as you ski on through life.


Understand your true performance with the insights on your session and individual sections and manoeuvres.


The more the merrier! Share your joy and stats -compete with your friends or others in the true community.

No extra gear

The sensors of your smartphone are sufficient to recreate your run in 3D.

All levels welcome

Whether you compete for medals or ski with your in-laws once a year - yes!


data points per minute


axis metrics


aerospace precision

endless fun

found guilty of skiing in june

The team behind truemetrics

The team behind truemetrics is a group of adventure sports enthusiasts and engineers. We surf, ski and cycle, but also have the expertise and passion to build a product for you and ourselves.
Soma (Lead Engineer), Ingo (CEO), Jegor (CPO)

I want to know the angle, speed and height of my jumps.



Existing products do not accurately track anything from my day on the mountain



It'd be cool if I knew how big the wave was. A couple months ago I got the biggest wave of the day and I would be curious to see how big it was.



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