Delivery Process Segmentation


Insights for every segment of your delivery process

Optimization of fleet operations depend on detailed and accurate data. Most companies already collect statistics about delivery times and demand and use these for forecasting and planning. To really understand what is happening though, you need to go one level deeper and analyze the different segments of the delivery process.

The truemetrics technology can automatically detect the characteristic checkpoints for segmentation of the delivery process, like a rider getting on or off their bike, entering a building or going idle while waiting for an order to be ready. The result is detailed data for every segment of the process as well as highly accurate ETAs.

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Detailed data for every segment of the delivery process

We provide you with the necessary insights to optimize every part of the process, from pick-up to drop-off. We close the gaps in your datasets: How much time do your riders spend waiting at restaurants or logistic hubs? What is the time spent for the last meters of the delivery to the customers’ doorstep? Why does the performance vary between different riders?

Better statistics and forecasts for higher fleet utilization

Detecting patterns and building forecasts for pick-up-times, transit-times and drop-off-times, segmented by time and region, allows the next step in fleet optimization. Plan personnel based on detailed forecasts and identify bottlenecks as they appear.


Precise ETA

Comparing actual segment times with expected segment times at the level of the individual delivery enables super-precise ETAs. Some riders are just faster than others; you can now take this information into account for planning the next orders or enable just-in-time pick-ups.

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