Precise Customer Location


Find your customers, faster

Delivery drivers need to find the right building entrance and taxi drivers need to pick up their customers in the right spot. For these transactions to go smoothly, precise positioning of a customer that is often ordering from indoors a larger building complex is required.

truemetrics Precise Customer Location lets you identify if customers are ordering your services from indoors and gives you insights to make sure your driver or delivery rider navigate to the right building entrance.

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Better indoor positioning

Getting better position suggestions for pick-up or drop-off locations in delivery and ride-hailing helps to reduce waiting and last-meter delivery times.

Building Entrance Data

Our database of building entrances lets you match the right door to a position fix with poor accuracy, making sure your driver is waiting in exactly the right place.


Customer Coordination

No need to call the customer if you know they are already hurrying down the stairs. Our solution tells you if the customer is already on the way, no matter if they are outside of GPS coverage.


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